Barn Hill

The Harrow side to the west of the parish boundary consisted of enclosed fields.

A few hedges are thought to be relicts of the woodland that was here originally but most were planted to subdivide existing fields.

Barn Hill lost its original woodland and became fields by the sixteenth century.

In the eighteenth century these fields became part of the Barnhill Estate of Richard Page. He employed Humphry Repton to landscape both Barnhill and Wembley Park. The summit received a fishpond and woodland. A belt of trees were planted around the hedges at the foot of the hill.

Until 1920 Barn Hill was a golf course.

From 1927 it became an Open Space owned by Wembley Urban District Council.

The Lombardy poplar avenue (left) which gives Barn Hill its distinctive skyline was planted in 1935, possibly to commemorate King George V's Silver Jubilee.

Between the lower slopes and the summit the Oak scrub has developed since the late 1940s.