Bush Farm and Beane Hill

The Kingsbury side to the east of the parish boundary, contained many small, irregular fields cleared from the woodland (assarting). Thin strips of woodland separated many of the fields. The many ponds are a legacy of the time when every field had its own. Middlesex County Council acquired the land to the east of Fryent Way around 1938. Fences were removed and the area was opened to the public from the 1970s.

The orchard at Bush Farm was marked on the sixteenth century parish map but was horse grazing in the twentieth century. Restoration work since the late 1980s has fenced off the horse grazing. Mulberry, damsons and hops have recovered. A perimeter hedge has been added and a collection of fruit trees characteristic of types typical to Middlesex orchards.

The woodland of Beane Hill was planted in the late 1980s and includes ash, grey alder, sweet chestnut and wild cherry.

 (Right looking west at Bush Farm,
from Salmon Street/Slough lane junction )

(Left Horse Grazing South at Bush Farm)