9 January 2010 A walk through the snow to Gotfords Hill

This walk starts at the junction of Salmon Street and Slough Lane - through the row of houses into
Fryent Country Park at Bush Farm ("The Stables") - look for the group's notice board,
a tall poplar tree and the stables building (all photos: SimonM).


Looking south into the Horse Grazing.

Standing at the junction of Horse Grazing and Home Field. The
view over hedge 39 displays Short Down East and Great
Hillcroach. In the distance the arch of Wembley Stadium.
Turning north through Homefield North with a view of two tall poplars.

Looking north from Gotfords Hill towards the allotments, Little Cherrylands and Masons Field.
Standing on Gotfords Hill looking west to Harrow church.

Walking south from Gotfords Hill along the route of the Capital
Ring, where there's a view of Warrens field.
 Looking north from Home Field onto Gotfords Hill.
Across Home Field towards Barn Hill with melting snow on
the Blackthorn hedge.
Back at Horse Grazing. On the horizon is a view
of Barn Hill and the Poplar Avenue.