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Section 11 - Access, Footpaths and Interpretation
Section 12 - Masons Field

Fryent Country Park Management Plan: Section 11

Management Objectives:

·       To make Fryent Country Park as accessible to as many people as possible.

·       To provide a network of attractive footpaths throughout the Park.

·       To maintain the Country Park to a high standard to enhance use by the public.

Management: Footpaths


Flail mowing of field edge, meadow and other paths.  A network of paths is maintained by the tractor flail cutting.  Cutting is approximately three times per year commencing in mid-spring.  Cutting of hedgerow edge paths should aim to cut Blackthorn suckers to reduce the spread of these into the meadows.


Lombardy Poplar avenue, Barn Hill:  Recommend that the flail cutting route be extended to include the Lombardy Poplar avenue.  This will widen the grassland area and reduce the cutting of Bramble etc. which is currently undertaken manually be BHCG.


Access Path: (between the Bush Farm entrance at Slough Street/slough Lane and the Public Footpath entrance between Kingsbury Green and St. Robert Southwell School – about 600 m): 

Mow a one metre strip on both sides of the path, from mid-spring to late summer. 

Cut over-hanging branches.

Scrape winter mud from the path in the late winter or early spring

Paint the headboard at the Bush Farm entrance in white or a warning colouration (in respect of the head height)


Hell Lane / Eldestrete: Keep the one kilometre of path open. 

Southern end: continue flail mowing.



Paths should be kept open by cutting of overhanging and encroaching vegetation, and mowing of paths as appropriate:

·        Barn Hill

·        Barn Hill: main north-south ride; and to encourage grass growth to reduce erosion.

·        Summers Croft

·        Beane Hill, Little and Great Cowlays

·        Eastlande

·        Lower Hydes woodland

·        Lower Hydes: former tennis courts

·        Preston Eastfield

·        At field entrances

·        Paths through the roadside mounds, particularly at:

o       Brow of Fryent Way to Short Down West

o       Honey Slough West

o       Lyon field

o       Honey Slough East by Valley Drive

o       Pages

o       Opposite Fryent Way Car Park

o       Brow of Fryent Way to Short Down East

o       To Great Cowlays

·        Public Rights Of Way, entrances, and signage:

o       Fryent Way to Shakespeare Drive

o       Barn Hill to The Mall

o       Valley Drive to Slough Lane

·        Eldestrete

·        At park entrances:

o       78-81 Uxendon Hill: keep vegetation clear

o       Shakespeare Drive: keep vegetation clear (and or arrange responsibility with London Underground)

o       Broadview

o       199-219 Salmon Street

o       Bush Farm

o       Sedum Close

o       Barn Hill

o       From Pilgrims Way


Park entrances: entrance by no.199 Salmon Street: Crack Willow tree.  There is a Crack Willow tree of about 20 years age, on the exterior side of the Park entrance, but possibly on Council land.  Though the tree was planted by a local resident it is suggested that a Tree Officer inspects this tree, and after appropriate consultation, that the tree is managed or reduced as recommended. 


Park entrances: entrance by no.199 Salmon Street: on the Country Park side of the entrance (and to the rear of the garages built up to the edge of the Park boundary in the 1960s/1970s): cut suckering Elm near to the houses and garages.


Park entrances: Drainage has been installed on the path adjacent to the flats on the south-east side of Fryent Way.


Capital Ring signage including finger posts an way markers: maintain and free of graffiti.


Fryent Country Park Circular Walk signage including finger posts an way markers: maintain and free of graffiti.


London Ecology Unit (two walks).


Butterfly transect routes: Fryent Country Park, and Beane Hill


Interpretative boards: maintain, and free of grafitti.  Consider medium-term replacements.



‘Welcome to Fryent Country Park’ signs: 2 signs


Notice boards: maintain current information


Drainage: improve on paths, at pinch points and elsewhere.  These include: field gaps at Hedges 31, 37 and 42.


Drainage: South-west corner of Events Field: ditch drain needs to be kept free of eroded silt in the months before the Brent Countryside Day. Manual digging.


Drainage: northern end of Access Path: Is this now improved following the work by Brent Drainage? 


Drainage: Improve the entrance to the Park between nos. 199 and 219 Salmon Street.


Seating: including programme for maintenance and replacement. 

Control vegetation growing behind and around seats, e.g. at:

Near to summit of Gotfords Hill (under the Black Italian Poplars)

Near to summit of Gotfords Hill facing Wembley

Summers Croft (concrete seat)

Barn Hill summit (log seats by Fishpond)


Litter collection: particularly of all litter bins, Fryent Way Car Park including the surrounding hedgerows (i.e. not just the hard standing), Access Path, the park side of the mound on the east side of Fryent Way and nearby hedgerows (windblown litter), and the whole park to the standards defined by the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


Fly-tipping: Visit neighbouring properties from which rubbish is being dumped onto the Park and speak to the occupants. 


Gates and locks: check




Road safety: Improvements were made to Fryent Way in early 2009 including the reduction of the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph, reduction of lanes from two to one in each direction; and crossing points. Brent School Without Walls report that the refuge crossing at the Fryent Way car park, the reduced speed limit and the new wooden bridge across the Gaderbrook are all innovations which have improved the health and safety of our visits.


Park furniture: Make all park furniture as vandal proof as possible.  Posts in the grounds should have buried horizontal struts, so that they cannot be pulled out.  Security mark/stamp/paint park furniture.


Triangulation Point: Adopt the Triangulation Point.  Contact: Ordnance Survey 0703 792621.  Paint once annually.


Brent Countryside Day: see separate files.  Arrange cutting of the Events field and associated fields starting six weeks prior to the event or harvesting if possible.


Kingsbury Walkers


Marketing: leaflets, articles, internet: maintain material up to date


Lost Ways: investigate and register historic footpaths by 1 January 2026 (Countryside and Rights Of Way Act 2000).  Contact Brent Transportation (Rights Of Way Improvement Plan), Natural England and DEFRA.  Particularly Hell Lane / Eldestrete.


Horse grazing licensee.  Grazing: Suggest: Sub-divide the horse fields to improve the efficiency of the grazing.  Cross-reference to Horse Grazing Licensee Agreement.

School visits to Park: At present visiting school parties may be able to use the toilets at Kingsbury Green School by prior arrangement with the Head Teacher.  See also the Natural Magic; and Brent Schools Without Walls programmes


Fryent Country Park Management Plan: Section 12

Masons Field was used during much of the 20th century as a Sports Ground for the staff of London Underground.  In the 1990s, London Underground ceased use of the sports ground for housing and sold approximately a third of the field for housing development.  Under a section 106 agreement the remainder of the field was allocated for open space.  Final transfer of land ownership, on a 125 year lease, was completed in 2010; and a Heritage Lottery Fund award was made in 2011. 

Massons field is situated on the north-east of the Country Park and is surrounded by residential areas on three sides and by the boundary with Kingsbury Green Allotments part of the fourth side. The remainder is continuous with t he Country Park and the field was provides a walker and green-space edge towards Old Kenton Lane and Kingsbury.  There is a thick hedge between the two, and enclosing a green lane that formerly serviced several fields to the west of Old Kenton Lane including Half Yardes Meade and Honey Slough.   

Management Objectives:

·       Restore the habitats and landscape within Massons Field as part of Fryent Country Park.

·      Open a pedestrian and works vehicle accessible route across the green lane.

·      Restore the remnant section of the green lane.

Management: Massons Field


Restore and manage the habitats within the landscape of Fryent Country Park.  The management plans for individual habitats as described earlier in the Management Plan should act as a guide, particularly for hedgerows, hay meadows,


Create a walker and works vehicle accessible route across the green lane.


Check route of Transco gas pipe.


Restore the remnant section of the green lane.


Restore hay meadow habitat to the centre of the field.


Restore other grasslands including mown paths, rough grassland, and a mown play area near to Larkspur Close.


Restore hedgerows where practicable.


Extend the Local Nature Reserve by Declaration.  For the purposes of the consultation with Natural England, this Management Plan is the Management Plan for the Local Nature Reserve.  Financial implications are largely covered in the Heritage Lottery Fund grant award until the restoration works reach practical completion in 2014.   Thereafter the field will be managed as part of Fryent Country Park within existing revenue and staffing resources.  Community involvement is acknowledged and considered essential.  The land has been acquired by the Council on a 125 year lease so there are no land purchase costs.


Arrange participatory, interpretative and training events for the public.


Prepare interpretative materials.


Undertake other projects as detailed in the Heritage Lottery Fund award: YH-08-17264.


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