Masons Field

  The Masons Field project is led by Brent Council and Barn Hill
Conservation Group. Funding has been provided by the Heritage Lottery
Fund who made a grant award in 2011 and by Brent Council. 
See the Management Plan and events listed in our programme.
Volunteers spotted a purple patch in Masons Field on Sunday 13th April 2014.
On close inspection it turned out to be a cluster of Snake's head

We were all delighted as this was tangible evidence that
this former playing field is becoming the wildflower meadow we have all
worked so hard to achieve!

(Photo right DMcC)

In 2015: Masons Field Exhibition at Roe Green Walled Garden

In 2014
: Brent Masons Decaying Wood Habitats (Link to PDF 905KB)

Masons Field as part of Kingsbury's history (by Philip Grant)

New interpretation boards for Masons Field (Link to PDF 3.8MB)

Commentary and Results from Masons Field soil samples (links to PDFs)

June, July & August Masons Field training courses (link to programme PDF)

21 June 2014 Butterflies in Masons Field (Link to programme PDF)

Work in Masons Field with plug plants (Link to programme PDF)

In 2013: Page down for photos and information about our work in Masons Field

Statistics about rubbish collection in Masons Field (Link to PDF and page down for a photo)

Where is Masons Field?

Masons Field is to the north east of Fryent Country Park. To the south of Masons Field is a green lane and the
track of a gas pipeline, together with Brent Council allotments. To the north, east and west are houses and
their gardens.
View west from Masons Field showing
Valley Drive  
View east from Masons Field showing Larkspur Close  Masons Field from Little
Cherrylands, looking
north over the new
 ramp; the green
lane passes across
the ramp along
the line of hedgerows

Access to Masons Field is from the east along Larkspur Close or from the south over a new walker accessible
ramp. This ramp is in Little Cherrylands and is approached from Valley Drive.

Masons Field in the twentieth century was a London Underground Sports Ground. This ceased in the 1990s
when the field was split with part used for housing and the rest became an open space.

Events in 2013:

27 October 2013 Masons Field Planting meadow with plant plugs (Link to programme PDF)

Masons Field looking west - boxes of wild flower plugs - volunteers creating scrapes and planting the flowers
(Photo LW)


Left Vehicle obstruction posts

Right Bird box

 Photos LW 


Left Collection of rubbish

 Right Yellow rattle 

Photos LW 


Left Poppy

Right Boxes of flower plugs

Photos LW


24 November 2013 Masons Field bulb planting (Link to programme PDF)

39 Brent Youth Volunteers arrived from Alperton High School to help with the Masons Field project.
Thank you to Eileen Sabur, her colleague and the parent who helped supervise.

Together we created an outward-growing spiral planting pattern of bulbs and plug-plants.
This is designed to present a 'random' look once the bulbs and plants flower, whichever the direction from which it is viewed.

(Photos from LW and DMcC)