1 April 2018 A walk to the ponds

The weekly Sunday project of volunteer work in the park was titled 'Acid Grassland'. This involved cutting of grassland areas on Coneyvale and the main path on the slope of Barn Hill. Photos below (© John Parker) show the clearance of brambles with views before and after the project.

Slope on the Capital Ring looking north (before)
(and after)

Slope looking south to Fishpond
(and after).

Following recent heavy rain a visit to view paths and ponds in Fryent Country Park. Starting near the Sunday volunteer project and walking clockwise around the park.

The first pond is in the hedgeline of Upper Hydes. Followed by the main Upper Hydes pond.

Between Richards East and Meade East. On the Capital Ring at Dormers Meade.

At Short Down East. Recently restored pond at Great Cowlays.
  Finishing this walk at Long Down where flood water flows into the field.