Frog Monitoring: 2009 Survey

A record 2,096 clumps of frogspawn were recorded in ponds at Fryent Country Park in 2009.  This was the highest since the pond restoration programme and monitoring commenced in 1983.   

The 2008 total was of 1,921 clumps.   

The most important factor affecting the long-term population of the Common Frog appears to be the number of ponds.  Before the pond restoration programme commenced, the total number of clumps of frogspawn on the Country Park was about 40 clumps (as in early 1983).   

Annual totals appear also to vary with weather factors; with higher counts being associated with relatively damp weather during recent summers.  Dry summers however may reduce the total count.   

Though the 2009 count was the highest so far, only 12 ponds were used for spawning in 2009.   

In 2007 by comparison, 16 ponds were used for spawning yet the total frogspawn clump was 1,263 clumps  

Of the thirty ponds in the survey, 29 held water at the time of the March 2009 survey.   

Information for this year’s survey was provided by Barn Hill Conservation Group.  

LRW, 14.04.2009