Moth Monitoring: 2011 Survey

I have just been adding up my 2011 moth records.  The cumulative total is now 222, which means I have added 67 new species this year. There are a few more waiting identification but I doubt these numbers will change much

The highlight was Merveille du Jour in October.

In 2010 Debbie wrote that:

I've been interested in butterflies for a while, and last year this developed into a curiosity about moths. I bought myself a light trap and started using it at home last March. I am lucky that our back garden backs onto Fryent Country Park.  As our house is in the middle of a terrace and the trap is only three metres from the garden fence I can say with some confidence that the moths I trap have come from the Park.

There are over 860 species of 'macro' moths in the UK, plus another 2000+ 'micro' moths. The 1989 'Collage Map' of Fryent Country Park lists only 17 moth species. But compared to birds and butterflies, moths are under-recorded, partly due to their nocturnal nature.  I wanted to see how many new records I could add. I try to run the trap several times a month, avoiding the full moon and rainy evenings. By the 4th August, I had added 36 new records to the list, with the likelihood of many more to come. Some of the moths I have recorded are: Lime Hawkmoth, Angle Shades, Flame Shoulder, Red Underwing, Scarce Footman, Clouded Border, Riband Wave, Willow Beauty, Blotched Emerald, Mottled Pug, Streamer and Small Quaker. I photograph as many as I can, and upload them to Flickr.  I really enjoy this hobby as every night brings something different and the moths themselves are often very beautiful.